Hello Dario, could you delete the pages marked in s:ro:Categorie:Propuneri pentru ștergere rapidă? We have no activ sysop at the moment. Thank you.--Mishuletz (discuție) 13 iunie 2019 09:16 (EEST)Răspunde[răspunde]

Thanks, I can explain:
- the one I deleted the text from has the name of an Romanian politician. The text is a poem about different form of vaginas, wich may classify as literatură populară (letteratura popolari ?) or may not. No source is given.
- the Adventures of Tom Sawyer describes what hapens in every chapter of the book. This text was written most likely by a child user, good for him :). They are a lot of childern readers here, which is as it should be, but they make a lot of destruction, which is as it allways was.
- then there is Imnul Virgulelelor (inno de la virgolas) in s:ro:Categorie:Propuneri pentru ștergere, a poem an user gifted us with. The last vers concludes: let es support the comma. POLTICAL PARTY: CWF - COMMAS WHANT FREEDOM. As we have nothing like w:ro:wikipedia:perle here, where should we put it?--Mishuletz (discuție) 13 iunie 2019 22:47 (EEST)Răspunde[răspunde]